The best time to start is now.

This is a lesson that I have to keep learning, and relearning. This idea of jumping in. Saying yes. Taking that first step. No matter the doubts that may surface. It's this type of thinking that led me to start writing screenplays, to produce my own work, to gather wonderful talented people and make art. After many years of keeping my head down and getting things done, I finally decided it was time to create a forum where people can come and check in on the things I've done, because ultimately, the goal of all artist, is to share your art.

Im currently at cusp of pre production for part three of a short film trilogy that I wrote, am directing, producing, and am in. I didn't mean to wear so many hats, but sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and get things done. My favorite part of pre production is getting people excited to work on the project through collaboration. I love building the world of the film through the exchange of ideas with all of the amazing people that I have the privilege of working with. The exhilarating, and sometimes terrifying part, of this is that once you get people involved, the project steam rolls forward, and you do what you can to keep up. Guiding it along and hoping it doesn't crash somewhere along the way to production. You have to be able to see the vision you're going for, but live in the now so that you're able to take on any obstacles that may arise.

I can not wait to share this project with you, and continue updating you all on this journey. Let me know what projects you're cooking up, and what adventures you are starting, because the best time to start, is now.

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