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Video Vixen

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Remember MTV? VH1? FUSE?! I would rush home from middle school and flip between these channels while I did my homework. The fusion of music and film to tell a story captivated me. I think this is why I always gravitated towards musicians. Any artist should be consuming art forms of all kinds for inspiration, but music really called to my soul. Thankfully, this love of music brought me into the lives of some amazing people who also happen to be phenomenal musicians, which is what kick started my career as a video vixen.

The beauty and complexity of acting in a music video is that there usually isn't dialogue. Everything is reliant on your ability to tell a story with your face. This is a huge part of why I wanted to become a film actor. That attention to the tiny little changes in a mouth curve or eyebrow twitch could say so much more than a page of dialogue. This was the perfect medium for me to put those skills to work.

So how do you apply this to you and your acting journey? Find inspiration outside of your own artform. Whether it's dance or visual or art or photography or anything else, the input of creativity should be vast and varying. Hopefully, this will open you up to opportunities you never imagined.

To check out some of these videos, hit the "WORK" tab in the menu.

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